Fougère d'Argent

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an Italian-American luxury fashion house created in 2005 by designer Tom Ford, known for his ready-to-wear collections, eyewear, and fragrance line. 
The client wanted to craft an eye-catching, luxury social media campaign for the launch of their new fragrance, Fougère D'Argent. Their visual inspiration for the campaign focused on gold, metallic textures, playful photography and shadows, and an overall provocative style.
The solution reflects very luxurious, sleek photography featuring a play between light and darkness; a metallic, gold border surrounding the photos that complements the label on the fragrance bottle; and lastly, the bold use of the Tom Ford logo creating immediate brand recognition. The final product is a combination of striking, bold visuals arranged through simple design that evoke the very luxurious and upscale sophistication Tom Ford is known for.