Rainbow Abstraction


This body of work is a visual abstraction of my mind for the past 10 months. Living in a world that is currently shut down due to COVID-19 has been interesting to say the least. Frequently, I find my mind wandering into this dream-like state of mind, as a way to escape the harshness of our current reality. I felt the best way to illustrate this feeling was actually by crafting an image that was the direct opposite of our current world: something bright, airy, approachable and hopeful. Think of it like the idea of comic relief.
This year has been very strange, and at times, almost doesn’t seem real. I wanted to create a body of work that illustrated the internal state of mind that I and many others have transported themselves to – this feeling of a dream. The entire universe came to a screeching halt, resulting in many people I know struggling with the looming question of what comes next for our society. This dream for myself and others has been a way to step out of reality and shift our focus to other things.
When creating these images, I focused on a very organic and experimental process. I knew I wanted to utilize bright colors, but didn’t totally know how I was going to achieve the intense saturation I was hoping for. I played around with different colored filters on some lights and found that the test images were lacking interest and this sort of dream-like feeling. My final technique involved using my iPad to display bright colored patterns, while a backlight was set up behind the iPad to create intense highlights and shadows. After setting my shutter speed extremely slow, I played around with quickly moving the camera in a spiral motion after pressing the shutter. The result is three very fluid, soft images displaying bright bursts of color and light. The motion created this almost cloud-esque visual and helped illustrate this dream-like idea.